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2017 new journey

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Blended, the 14th international glamour blossom 2016 month, Hong Kong electronics show,

The exhibition of Asia's largest electronics equipment exhibition,

Blended international carefully prepared, with high technology, high quality level,

Blended international has the processing production, the sale is a body once again become the industry business models

A major bright spot. Proceed from the product design and quality assurance, after-sale concept,

Has attracted many domestic and foreign businessmen to stop with the advisory negotiations.

Many buyers now sign cooperation. ,

After a blended display many of the samples and the service tenet,

Greatly satisfied, many customers purchase intention.

This is an industry feast, but also a harvest trip.

The exhibition.

And we also brought many end users and dealers friend

Valuable advice. Blended in the international electronic line

Long-term development of our industry in recent years has made remarkable achievements, has the brand accumulation, steady development.

With good market operation

Ability, we have occupied in the field of electronic equipment

A pivotal position. Even so, but we know better

"To go". We will also continue to improve management system,

Accelerate the blended branding process, rational in the face of market demand,

Build more boutique serves the masses of users friends.